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Ricevo dall'amico americano Greg Mohr, presidente della Gondola Society of America, il resoconto del primo campionato americano di voga alla veneta. Si tratta di una operazione molto interessante perché non è una scimmiottatura di finte e improbabili barche definite  "gondole" ma di scafi originali. 
Ecco alcune foto dal Los Angeles Times e dall'Orange County Register
Ecco la lettera con i link per vedere i video, come questo fantastico preso dal drone. A questo proposito non posso che rimarcare, ancora una volta, che la Rai con i suoi potenti mezzi potrebbe noleggiarne uno per riprendere la regata Storica o gli altri eventi in modo enormemente più efficace delle solite inutili riprese dalla barca giuria.
Ciao from California!
It was great to see you again in September.
I wanted to update you on our national competition here.

The US Gondola Nationals has just finished, and it was a truly great weekend of races and events.
By now, if you look on the internet, you will find some news articles and some good photos too.
We had 50 competitors, who came from 7 states.
In the past we've had solo and tandem events on gondolas, in sprint and long distance races.
This year we had some events for the first time.
We had a tandem pupparin race,
We had a sandolo rowed by one man in the vallesana style And we also had the first ever four-man race - with teams of four representing their companies.

I am attaching the list of winners for you.
You'll notice that my team of four took first place in the four-man event.
When I saw you in September at your shop, I had one of my gondoliers - Simon - with me.
He was my forward rower in both the pupparin race and the four-man gondola race.
Simon and I also won the silver medal in pupparin.
We were there in Venezia to research and train for the races.
I believe that it was the expert training we received from Mario Rossetti and Nereo Zane at the GSVVM rowing club in Mestre that helped us win that race.

Next year it will move to Minnesota.
And a good friend of mine who owns a gondola company there will host it.
I am exhausted from all of the planning, preparations, racing, and then cleaning up.
Next year I look forward to just racing.  :o)

We have an active and thriving "gondola culture here in Southern California, and there are several operations in other states who truly have a passion for voga-alla-Veneta.
Each time we have the USGN here in Southern California, there are lots of guys who show up.

We have had a few good newspaper pieces and such written about the event.
Here are a few news links for you:


San Diego news article: http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2015/nov/16/gondola-competition-newport-coronado-knight/

http://www.latimes.com/socal/daily-pilot/news/tn-dpt-fourth-annual-u-s-gondola-nationals-20151114-photogallery.html   (GREAT images from the race!)
http://www.latimes.com/socal/daily-pilot/news/tn-dpt-me-1113-gondola-race-preview-20151112-story.html  (preview story before the races)
http://www.coronadonewsca.com/news/coronado_home_and_business/coronado-gondoliers-to-defend-national-title-nov/article_c63f3154-8a7b-11e5-af5d-37dcd894cef8.html  (San Diego story before the races)

and video


You might find it interesting that of the four boats that I provided from my fleet, one was 40 years old, one was 54 years old, and another was 55.
I know that often these beautiful gondolas are retired after a certain age, but here in the US, we keep using them - lovingly maintaining them.

People say "they don't build them like they used to", and with my gondolas it seems to be true.
My 55 year old gondola is a Tramontin with full deck carvings.
Not only is she beautiful...she won many of the races!
The gondoliers were fighting over her.

I look forward to seeing you again next time I'm in Venice.
Warm regards,
Greg Mohr
President - Gondola Society of America




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