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I was born in Chioggia, in the province of Venice in 1954, where my mother's family had a boatyard that built every type of local boat: sandoli, batei a pisso, bragossi, trabaccoli, but also large motorsailers, yachts and fast rowing boats. My father was a naval mechanic with a workshop, also in Chioggia, where he installed and repaired the motors of fishing boats. 

The nautical world was in my blood, with its beauty and toughness, with its pragmatism; but above all I absorbed the taste for making, by which I do not mean only execution, but also the creation of a project or  the solution to a problem and bringing these to completion with one's own hands, without intermediate steps, dead time and useless chatter, 

In these years of activity I have tried, in a completely independent way, to unite practical know-how with theoretical knowledge, to bring dignity to a world seen, at best, as a folkloristic backdrop. My objective is to save the last traditional boats and the memory of the techniques used to make them. Recording this world, now largely lost, in my books I hope to answer not only the questions posed by the well-read historian, but also the simpler and sometimes more arduous questions that nowadays only children know how to ask: What's it like inside? How does it work? How can I build it?  


1976 Chioggia 1976 Chioggia 1978 Con una delle prime sculture
1978 1978 1982 Viaggio inaugurale con il Grande Zot di Giancarlo Toso
1986 Venezia 1993 Modelli per il grande presepio di Parigi  

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