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The models we build are exact replicas of real boats, made - after a long and careful study for the reconstruction - using the same techniques, the same materials and types of wood used for the original boat. The models, therefore, are not decorative ornaments, but tools for design and verification like the ones used in the past for small and large vessels, both in the squeri (boatyards) and in the great Venetian Arsenale.

Our approach to modelmaking is therefore very different from the usual (see article published in Yacht Digest); we focus on the humblest work boats, working rigging, irregular lengths of timber with a rough surface like those left by the master boatbuilders. In a word, the only difference between a model and an original should be that of scale.

For modelmakers who would like to adopt this new aproach, we suggest - as a starting point -  using the original construction plans and books that describe the various stages of construction.

Among the countless models we have made, both for private collectors and public institutions, are those for: the Museo Nazionale di Arti e Tradizioni Popolari di Roma (National Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, Rome), il Museo del lago di Como (Museum of Lake Como), il Museo della Laguna Sud di Chioggia (Museum of the Southern Lagoon, Chioggia), il Museo della Navigazione Fluviale di Battaglia Terme (Museum of River Navigation, Battaglia Terme), il Museo dei Grandi Fiumi di Rovigo (Museum of the Great Rivers, Rovigo), il Museo Archeologico di Grado (Archeological Museum, Grado), il Museo della Marina di Douarnenez in Francia (Naval Museum, Douarnenez, France)

These models were made with the cooperation of many friends who have supported me (and put up with me!), including: Roberto Costa, Antonio Rosada, Gianni Vianello, Giustiniano Brunato, Silvano Voltolina, Sambo Violante, Renato Corda, Michele Simone.

17th-Century Gondola


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