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Kit sandolo

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Kit gondola

New improved version!

Long 50 cm, scale 1:20 ca, 42 laser cut pieces.

Metal casted ferri and horses. No tools required.  (Paint and glue not included)


Cost 48 euros plus postage!


buy now!

Only for ITALY


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Kit Gondola spedizione in Italia

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To Europa

To America, Asia, Africa


To Australia New Zealand, Oceania

*Australia (Tasmania, Cocos-Keeling, Christmas, Norfolk), Caroline, Christmas-Natale (Is.Pacifico), Cook (Aitutaki, Atiu, Hervey, Mangaia, Mauke, Mitiaro Rarotonga), Fanning e Washington, Figi, Guam, Kiribati, Marianne, Marshall, Nauru, Nuova Caledonia (Belep, Chesterfield, Futuna, Huon, Lealtà, Pini, Surprise Wallis, Walpole), Nuova Zelanda (Chatam, Danger, Kermadek, Minihiki, Niue-Savage, Penrhyn-Torageva, Pukapuka, Rakahanga, Suwarrow, Tokelau), Nuova Guinea-Papua (Ammiragliato, Bismark, Bouganville, Nuova Irlanda), Palau, Phoenix, Pitcairn, Polinesia francese (Clipperton, Gambier, Marchesi, Società, Sottovento, Tahiti, Tuamotu, Tubuai), Santa Croce, Salomone, Samoa

Kit gondola finished (ribbon not included)



kit before painting




Packaging and directions of use


Parts before and after detachment


Use only regular vinyl glue, rubber bands, adhesive tape and pegs.



1th step
2th step
3th step


4th step
5th step


6th step


7th step
Bow decoration
Construction of the oarlock or forcola. The pieces are glued in sequence and then the oarlock is modeled with fine sandpaper rolled up on a cylindrical support (like a nail for example)









Metal casted ferri and horses.

Paint the gondola with three coat of glossy black paint.

Add if you want, two red carpet and cushions as shown below.


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